Playing darts in Dublin

Playing some darts and having a few pints is, without doubt, one of the purest joys you can experience. It’s the simplest things that bring the most pleasure. If you’re in Dublin looking for somewhere to play darts, then rest assured you’ve got plenty of options. Today, we’re going to look at a few of the best choices—so let’s get started.

  1. Planet Murphy’s

Planet Murphy’s is a fantastic little games bar on Camden Street in Dublin. They have a number of dartboards on top of foosball and pool tables. It has quite, relaxed vibes and a warm, friendly, welcoming environment. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon throwing some darts with friends, Planet Murphy’s is undoubtedly one of the best places in Dublin to do it.  

  • Hacienda Bar

A more traditional location, Hacienda is no less welcoming or friendly. With a buzzer entry, it’s not your typical sports and games pub. Nonetheless, you can have a great time playing darts here as well as a variety of other games. The Hacienda is one of the best places in Dublin to play darts.

Whether you’ve got a darts-playing posse already, or you’re looking to make some new friends, the Hacienda Bar is a great place to do it. They are closed through the day so you’ll have to get in at night to be able to play.

  • Murray’s Bar

Boasting an incredibly strong food menu, you may have to drag yourself away from the table to play on their dartboards. Nonetheless, this pub is one of the best places to play darts in Dublin, and they host a variety of events and entertainments throughout the year.

A casual eatery, but with great food, you can turn up for lunch any day of the week and spend the rest of the afternoon in a friendly darts tournament.

  • The Waterloo

The Waterloo is another fantastic location both to play and watch the darts. They also offer a wide range of quality foods and drinks, so you’ll have no trouble spending a whole afternoon here eating, drinking, relaxing, and playing the darts.

It’s a casual hang out spot, and one of the top spots in Dublin for you and your friends to play darts.

  • The Brew Dock

Finally, we have the Brew Dock. Found on Amiens Street, this pub is another cosy, relaxed little eatery with friendly staff and a number of dartboards free to use. They are well-known for their selections of craft beers, and with that and food available, what more do you need for a great darts tournament of your own?

The Brew Dock is another great choice for darts in Dublin.

Look no further than this range of bars if you’re after somewhere to have a quiet game of darts in Dublin. They offer everything you’ll need for a pleasant night or afternoon of darts, from the drinks to the best food. There are few places in the world where you can experience darts like Dublin.